Frequently Asked Questions - TUNING PORTAL

Getting the most potential out of your Vehicle in terms of performance a safe and quick way to improve potential of your vehicle performance. ECU Remapping also can be done in just around 30 minutes so no need to change any mechanical component on your vehicle since all done via Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Using ECU Flashers you basically read the ECU Calibration File off the vehicle and to make the relevant changes such as Tuning Stage 1, you will send the file to us using our File Services portal and within a 30 minute turn around time you will have your modified file ready to download and re flash into the vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU)

We have credit system "1 credit = £1. We allow our registered users to upload credit on tuning portal by click on "Add credit" link. User will be redirected to Paypal Secure payment page and once payment completely your will safely return back to Tuning Portal with added credit.

Our file turn around time is 20-30 minutes. However, we will be introducing automatic system very soon where ECU Files will be done within just seconds with no wait time.

We accept payments via Paypal. However, bank transfer via IBAN also available.

We been tuning and providing ECU File Services since 2007. All our tuning and solutions built and tested in house by our Master Tuners. We are also EVC certified, official distributor and training centre based in United Kingdom.